[us_iconbox icon=”” size=”100px” title=”Accounting” img=”116″]We ensure that all your business transactions be it Procurement to Pay, Order to Cash, Payroll and General Ledger are accounted for on a real-time basis within a controlled framework.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox size=”100px” title=”Financial Reporting” img=”117″]Financial Reporting to various agencies, Regulators, Board Members, Shareholders and even to Customers is one of the key components of compliance. Our team will ensure that the Financial Statements are accurate and adhere to the requirements laid out by regulators/Management.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”” size=”100px” title=”Analytics” img=”118″]Our team of experienced and qualified analysts will ensure that our clients get the most accurate and timely data to rely on. From daily Product Sales Trends to Annual Budget Reviews we support all your analytical requirements.[/us_iconbox]

How does it work?

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Requirement Gathering

Understand business requirements in terms of the services required to be provided.

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Our team can support both onsite and offsite support depending on the client preference.



Once the requirement gathering is done and support model agreed on, we will firm up the execution plan which includes identification of resources, systems, SLAs and the timelines.

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On-going Support

We will be providing continuous support to the business in terms of responding to queries from both internal and external stakeholders, participate in discussions, Performance management, and seamless scaling-up