FAS recognize some of you are a non-finance business owners and you are completely focusing on product or service to improve your sales and reach out to larger space in the market. At the same time, you want someone to own up your finance function or special projects while you get to the peak in your business.

In fact, it’s not an easy thing, so we believe we could do our part while you are busy managing your part. As soon as the dust settles down, we can just to turn the key around the table when you need it in-house.

In a turn-key project, FAS takes on complete responsibility to set up your shared services or manage finance projects with minimal years of deal between few months to few years and re-badge the entire workforce and projects back to your company with all compliance. It can be any functions from finance, shared services, back office centers and even information technology-sector.

Our Turnkey Service Includes:
  • Shared Service Set up
  • Special Projects